Just imagine what it would feel like if dry hair is no longer a problem!

Imagine having moisture retained coils that stays soft, shiny and moisturized for days at a time.  

Imagine being able to glide a comb through your hair effortlessly and pain-free and with no breakage. 

Imagine not having to fight with your hair everyday and to finally be able to see growth.  

You’ve read countless blogs and watched many videos about how to keep your hair moisturized but you are still confused than ever before. 

Despite trying popular natural hair products and hair tips, your hair still hasn’t improved. Next, you try all kinds of creative techniques hoping your hair will feel soft. Unfortunately, your hair still feels hard and dry!  

At this point, you might start to question your decision to go natural. Because you are fed up!

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and guide you through each step in order. 

I Know you’re ready to bid farewell to dry hair, but you’ve got a lot of questions!  

“How do I prevent dry hair and keep my hair soft?” “I don’t even have access to popular hair products, how am I going to be able to keep my hair soft?” “I am so confused and overwhelmed by all the blogs and vlogs. This seems nearly impossible and I don’t have an effective plan to follow”  

What if I show you ways to kick dry hair to the curb so that you can minimize breakage and start enjoying your natural hair journey?  

How would you like to learn practical ways to keep your hair soft and moisturized day after day without breaking the bank? 

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you’re starting on a new path for the first time. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track, and never end up seeing the results you’ve been longing for. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

This is why I created my step-by-step course, Moisture Retention Blueprint.  

 Moisture Retention Blueprint is a step-by-step program that shows you how can finally stop breakage and transform your dry hair into healthy moisturized hair that stays soft for days.  

Who This Course Was Created For  

Moisture Retention Blueprint was only created for a select group of women who are ready to invest in the health of their hair. 

This course is definitely for you if you want to..  

* Learn the reasons why your hair often feels dry and how to retain moisture in your hair  

* Learn how to effectively moisturize your hair  

* Soften your dry brittle hair and reduce breakage  

* Learn how to select the best products for your hair and how to effectively use them  

* Stop wasting time hopping from one hair site to the next for conflicting hair tips

Since following the regimen that Adeola provided to me this summer after attending her webinar, I have decreased the amount of time I spend washing my hair. Breakage in my hair has decreased which is the biggest victory for me, especially as winter is here. I can definitely say that my hair is healthier. What is great about the regimen is that it is not a cookie cutter regimen, but one that is catered to my needs and lifestyle. Adeola took the time to teach me about hair health and how to build a regimen that would work best with my busy schedule. - Stephanie of ladystephm.wordpress.com  



Let's take a look at what you'll learn in each of the six modules. 

Course starts on April 8th

Module 1: Science of Type 4 Hair 

  • The chemical and physical composition of your hair and why it's important for moisture retention
  • The three structural layers of your hair that you must be familiar with
  • What are cuticles and the key things you must know about them
  • How the health of your cuticles affects moisture retention 

Module 2: Know Your Hair Type 

  • What you need to know when it comes to hair typing
  • How to determine your hair type and how it contributes to dry hair and moisture retention  
  • 4 major hair types that you need to know
  • How knowing these 4 hair characteristics will help you choose products and develop a personal regimen.
  • Popular misinformation about 4c hair that you need to do away with 
  • Truth about 4c hair that you need to know, if you want to save your hair and enjoy its natural beauty.

Module 3: Truth About Porosity 

  • Why you should understand the basics of porosity and what it means for dry hair and breakage 
  • The simple way to determine your porosity (FYI, it's not the water float method)
  • How to choose hair products for your specific hair porosity
  • 30 days porosity correction plan to restore your porosity and help with moisture retention

Module 4: Why You Have Dry Hair 

  • 20 reasons why you have dry hair and what to do when you encounter each of these problems
  • 20 ways to keep your hair soft 
  • Mistakes you're making that's getting in your way of achieving moisture retention

Module 5: Products for Moisture Retention 

  • How hair products plays a HUGE role in dry hair, breakage and moisture retention 
  • 5 types of hair products you'll need for moisture retention and how to use them 
  • Key things to look out for when you are shopping for hair products  
  • 3 Days To Moisture Retention Plan for busy naturals

Module 6: Developing a Moisture Retention Regimen and Habits 

  • The truth about dry hair and moisture retention that no one talks about 
  • How to develop a moisture retention regimen that suits your hair needs based on the reason why you have dry hair (module 4).
  • How to develop a moisture retention habit that is so simple that even the laziest natural will find it very easy to follow
  • Mindsets that are keeping your hair dry and causing breakage
  • How to change your perception about your hair so that you can finally start to enjoy your coily 4c hair.
  • 24 Hours Instant Breakage Control Treatment
  • 7 Days Quick Fix Moisture Retention Regimen
  • 30 Days Hydration Regimen

Your hair before Moisture Retention Blueprint: 

  • You struggle with keeping your hair moisturized for more than an hour 
  • You have chronic breakage and it seems to be getting worse 
  • You’ve tried so many tips and techniques but nothing seems to be working 
  • You don’t know which products to use and you don’t even have a plan because you’re confused  

Your hair after taking Moisture Retention Blueprint: 

  • You now know the reasons why your hair couldn’t hold on to moisture for over an hour and you notice improved moisture retention within 6weeks
  • You no longer suffer from chronic breakage because you can now see growth within 30 days
  • You now have a system that works because you have 4 different hair rescue treatments to use for dry hair, porosity repair and breakage
  • You have a list of products that you can now use and a plan for how to use them to get results within 24 hours  





moisture retention blueprint
moisture retention
moisture retention

Purchase the program with the payment plan or pay in full and save. You can pay with paypal or credit card. NGN also available.

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Module 1 will be ready for you to dive right in so you can start working on the course.