Ready to Take Your Blog From Passion to Profit? 

Learn how to monetize your passion and make money blogging in our online community.



Does any of this sound familiar? 

You want to be able to work online but you're not sure how to get started.

You aspire to travel the world, but you are restricted by your day job.

You wish you could take a vacation at any time of the year, but can't because you only get limited time off from work.

You're sick and tired of working at a job that's not fufilling and you wish you could get out of it.

You know you can earn an income online, but you don't know how to and where to even begin.

You've started a blog in the past, but you quickly gave up because you had no accountability and became discouraged. 


A year from now, you are living life on your own terms, travelling the world and getting things checked off your bucket list. 

You take vacations at any time of the year and for however long you want, just because you can.

You wake up at whatever time you like and go to work for yourself. 

You work on your blog a few hours a week while monetizing your passion.

You are now able to replace your full-time income, which means that you no longer have to work at a job that doesn't fulfill your life's purpose. 

Introducing Blog and Earn Membership Community 

Blog and earn membership is a community of bloggers and influencers with a collective goal of building a successful online business. We cover practical ways to make money online so that you can live a life of freedom while monetizing your passion.


Three Main Pillars 

To have a profitable blog, you'll need to have these three skills. Each month in the community, you will have an opportunity to learn and perfect these following skills so that you can earn a sustainable income from your blog. 

Content Strategy 

You will learn how to create compelling content that can be monetized.

Social Media 

You will learn how to strategically build an online community of engaged readers and followers you can convert into clients and customers.


You will learn how to make money from your blog so that you can replace your full-time job, if you choose to. 

What You Get by Joining The Online Community 

By joining us, you will be a part of an online community of bloggers and influencers who share similar goals of making money online. You will have an exclusive access to the trainings where you will learn all about how to make money blogging. You will also be a part of a private Facebook group. 

Video Training 

You will have access to all the trainings in the membership.

Monthly Workshops  

Live workshops where you can get your questions answered in real time.

Resources & Worksheets 

As a member, you'll have access to all the resources, templates and PDFs created to help you achieve your goals faster. 

Group Accountability

Be part of a private Facebook community where all the members share a common goal. You'll be able to engage and network with other members of the group. 



About Your Host

Hi, I'm Adeola!

I've been blogging for over eight years now and I currently run three blogs. With my blogs, I've grown an online community of over 10,000 engaged members. 

I quit my job in January 2018 to pursue my passion and work on my blogs full time. I now make money online and travel! 

I currently live in Medellin, Colombia, which means that I don't have to live in the freezing Canadian weather. Hello skirts and dresses! 

After making so many mistakes due to listening to too many "gurus", I've now set out to train a small group of bloggers on the exact step-by-step that I took to live a freedom lifestyle and work from wherever I want.  

I hope you'll join me and your colleagues in the private online community.

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What others are saying... 

boost your blog
boost your blog

The premium online community is for you if you are... 

  • Ready to start a blog and make money online
  • Put in the work by setting aside sometime to work on your passion and freedom 
  • Invest in your goals so that you can live the life of your dreams
  • Open to learning new skills that will move you forward towards your goals
  • Tired of listening to confusing and conflicting information from various blogs, YouTube channel or courses 
  • Looking for group accountability and a community of like-minded people who shares the same goals as you 
  • Interested in living and working from anywhere in the world, so that you can have more time to do the things you've always wanted to do
  • Looking to learn how to build a profitable community gradually overtime, no "get rich quick" scheme here

It might not be for you if you... 

  • Would rather learn everything on your own without group accountability
  • Are not ready to start making money with your blog yet  
  • Don't have the time to work on your passion, because you're very busy with your day job
  • Are okay with free conflicting information online
  • Don't have a burning desire to live a freedom lifestyle that allows you to take more time off, travel and do whatever you want with your time
  • Want to get rich overnight and can't wait for a realistic amount of time to start making money

What happens when you join us now?

1. You will be sent to the membership registration page where you will register to be part of the community.

2. The first month to join us is only $9 and future months will only be $29/month.

3. You will be emailed your membership registration details where you can set your username and password.

4. You will then be able to access all the contents in the membership platform. New content will be added monthly.

5. You will be sent an invite to the exclusive Facebook community reserved for members of the VIP community. 

6. You will receive frequent emails about workshops, webinars, and other resources added to the membership.

Ready to live a freedom lifestyle and make money online? 


I'm so excited to have you in my community and can't wait to welcome you! If you're ready to learn how to actually make money online with your blog, I'd like to invite you to join us for only $9 for the first month. Your investment afterwards is only $29/month.  


YOU PAY: $9 (that's the price of a lunch!)